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Hotels Iceland - Reservation Guide of Accommodations & Hotels in Iceland. Booking Directory of Accommodations & Hotels by stars Hotels Iceland - Reservation Guide of Accommodations & Hotels in Iceland. Booking Directory of Accommodations & Hotels by stars Welcome in Iceland! Iceland is a great island mails endured to south of the Arctic Polar Circle and constitutes the extreme outpost of Europe in the Atlantic. E' one sour and barren earth, a contrast of fire and ice, incandescent cliffs and icy waters. Iceland is a geologically young country, in which the forces of the sottosuolo they are still present violentemente. The landscape is typically vulcanico, dominated from the black one and the gray of rischiarati basalts at times from the licheni. The life is possible only along the coasts and sure zones of the inside are inaccessible why covered from ice and extended of it washes from the aspect of a sad petrified black sea. Beyond to numerous volcanos, the more spectacular naturalistic elements of Iceland are the geyser, intermittent thermal sources that launch in air powerful water jets and vapors overheat you for the presence of vulcaniche activities in the sottosuolo. The Icelandics take advantage of these warm jets canalizing them towards the cities and the small farms in order to heat houses and greenhouses, where they are cultivates fruit and flowers to you. The Icelandic language belongs to the Scandinavian branch of the Germanic languages and of it it represents the more archaic shape. Cultural target of every Icelandic is the saghe, long history between truths and legend handed on orally and then written from anonymous poets. These narrations are inspired from the direzza of the climate, the landscape and from the morphology of the island. More than half of the Icelandics it still believes in the existence of disowned inhabitants in viscere of the earth, the coves, the vulcanici craters, mysterious presence that graze invisibili crudes oil and navigate boat vessels ghost; who alters the atmosphere damages the dwelling of the invisibili beings and of it she provokes the vendetta. Iceland as vacation goal was chosen above all from students and people passionate about the nature but now also from who it wishes a particular travel to the borders of the world. The local travel agencies organize excursions for naturalists and geologi in the more meaningful zones of the island or in airplane in order to enjoy the high ollowing itself of the natural shows. Services of bus lead to the ghiacciai, cascades, the geyser and permettonodi to catch up rivers and lagos in order to dedicate itself to the perca of trouts and salmoni.

Iceland and Surroundings
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Reykjavik (19)
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KEF - Keflavík International Airport

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About Iceland, Iceland

Climate : Oceanico
Time Zone : GMT
Language : Islandese
Measures Elect. : Sistema metrico decimale; 220V, 50Hz
Regulations : Repubblica presidenziale
Population : 296.737
Prefix : +354
Religion : Protestantesimo
Surface : 103.000 KM2
Currency : Corona Islandese

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