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Hotels Ireland - Reservation Guide of Accommodations & Hotels in Ireland. Booking Directory of Accommodations & Hotels by stars Hotels Ireland - Reservation Guide of Accommodations & Hotels in Ireland. Booking Directory of Accommodations & Hotels by stars Welcome to Ireland! Ireland is a ecological and sport country ideal for a relaxant vacation,. The country has maintained its natural beauties intact: the coastal and rural centers perfectly are conserved and the atmosphere is not polluted. Visited in a hurry, the Ireland can appear monotona and melancholic, visiting it more slowly the variety of its landscapes can be picked: most green pastures alternated to fields of I luff, to brulle full of rocks hills, dark torbiere; the red spots of the fucsie, the erica and the rododendri get confused with the blue fields when the linen blooms; long spiagge white women alternate to imposing reefs to peak. Irish characteristic is the splendid sunsets and the frequent rainbows, which had to the continuous one to change of the time. In the west of the country it can be enjoyed the beauty of the landscapes navy with amazing fusion between sea and mountain. The Ring of Kerry, panoramic road of 180 km, allows to admire charming landscapes and imposing reefs. One of the more evocative Irish features of coast is the grip Peninsula of Dindle, than protende for beyond 40 km in the Atlantic. On these spiegge practical the sport of the raft to sail, a version to earth of the wind surf that it takes advantage of the forts twenty atalntici. The Ireland and its landscape interest also for the proportions of the scattered rooms nelola campaign: they are often peasant from the rectangular plant, i roofs to V covered of straw or stone, extremely simple. The Irish symbol is recalled to the nature: the alfalfa troneggia also on the airplane of the company of flag (the Aer Lingus), identifies lodges and guest-house. The Ireland recalls also many sportswomen. Much demand is the peach of the salmone and very organized they are the struck ones of hunting to the vixen and the cervidi; also the equitazione is a sport much continuation in the country and the race of the attended horses is a lot: the horse competition of Dublino is the sport encounter and peels more important of the year.

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Ballyvaghan (4) Beal An Atha (2) Ceatharlach (1) Cork (39) Dingle (6) Donegal (8) Doolin (1) Dublin (77) Dublino aeroporto Ennis (9) Galway (52) Kilkenny (17) Killarney (58) Kinsale (7) Limerick (24) Shannon (3) Sligo (10) Tralee (5) Waterford (12) Westport (12)
Ireland airports
ORK - Cork Airport
DUB - Aeroporto Internazionale di Dublino  Tel.: +353 (0)1 814 1111 -
NOC - Ireland West Airport Knock
SNN - Shannon Airport

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About Ireland, Ireland

Climate : Mediterraneo
Time Zone : GMT
Language : Inglese
Measures Elect. : Sistema metrico decimale; 220V, 50Hz
Regulations : Repubblica parlamentare
Population : 3.797.257
Prefix : +353
Religion : Cattolica e Protestante
Surface : 70.280 KM2
Currency : Euro

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